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November orders are now open.  Orders close October 15, 2019 at 8:00 am.  Orders will be ready for pick-up on Friday, November 1, 2019

About Us

We are a vibrant, diverse community of dog owners in the eastern foothills of northern California that believes in feeding a natural diet to our beloved companions. 

We have joined together as a volunteer run buyers' group to make buying fresh natural food easier and more affordable.  We think you will find that we have THE BEST PRICES around for pre-made frozen diets for your pets as well as fresh food for the DIY pet parents.  All our food is the same fresh, natural ingredients that we humans eat AND you can share with your pet.   As a buyers' group, we aim to provide fairly priced goods while trying to support local suppliers, ranches and farms.  Guest shoppers are always welcome!   However, for better buying opportunities, you might want to consider joining our buyers group! 

We also aspire to educate and inform our membership about the wonderful benefits of a natural diet for their pets, and provide support and resources for those interested in doing so.  Check out our members' comments

Most of our group members prepare meals for the pets based on the natural diet designed by Dr. Ian Billinghurst.  However, we welcome all types of raw feeders!

Foothill Raw Feeders has a Yahoo site where we discuss raw feeding and related topics.  We also conduct the group's business on the Yahoo site.  We order ONCE A MONTH and orders must be in by the 15th of every month! We welcome raw feeders from Placer County, Nevada County, El Dorado County and northern Sacramento County in California.  Our primary location is Newcastle, CA.  Our group relies on every member’s willingness to volunteer.  If you are interested, please first join our yahoo group.  When you join, you will be asked to complete an application and then read and sign our disclaimer, terms and conditions.

Welcome to the wonderful world of raw feeding!  Check us out on Facebook!  Go to our link and stay up to date with new products and monthly buys!