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Raw Fed Dogs. . .

. . . are not new or unique.  Prior to World War II, dogs were fed a varied diet that consisted of whatever was left over from their humans' table or was available in their environment;  raw milk, eggs, cheap cuts of meat, bones and scavenged food.  Dogs have eaten a raw diet far longer than they have eaten a commercial diet.  In The Care and Feeding of Dogs  written in 1936 by Josephine Zine an avid raw feeder, breeder of show Boston Terriers, as well as a noted author for the American Kennel Club she writes;

Man is constantly warned against using too large a proportion of meat as his protein quota, being advised to substitute other forms of protein instead. With dogs, the situation is quite different, for with them it seems almost impossible to feed too much meat to young, strong and active canine.

The dog, in his natural state, was a meat-eating animal, living entirely on the products of his kill. There was a time, ages ago, when there were no vegetables or other foods than meat and greens and berries. This state of affairs, far from bothering the dog, made a perfect animal of him. He was fit then to bring down his quarry after miles and miles of chase, and eat the whole of it or at least as much as he liked. Nature meant him to eat meat, and though today he is probably as different from his source as man from his, the fact remains that his chief fund of nourishment should be the same, namely meat."

Not much has changed since 1936, except for the invention of commercial dog food.  As consumers and guardians of our beloved companions, we know all about the recent dog food recalls and the disastrous consequences that food had on our dogs.  As our dogs' caregivers, we have educated ourselves about their nutritional needs and the optimal foods for a healthy, happy dog.  Of course we want to provide the very best for our dogs! 

Asserting our economic power, pet owners have created cooperatives and buyers clubs all over the world, providing a cost effective way to feed our dogs a healthy, natural diet!  And now, the eastern Sierra foothills of northern California has their own raw food buyers club;



Foothill Raw Feeders

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