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EcoPawz™ SeafoodEcoPawz™ is a San Francisco based company dedicated to producing a wide variety heart healthy Omega 3 rich foods for dogs and cats in an environmentally friendly manner. All of their products are a great source of Omega-3's and work as a supplement to your pets regular diet. The ingredients come from sustainable and responsibly harvested fisheries and are as local as we can find them – most coming from California waters.

They work closely with the finest local seafood companies to purchase only the best seafood. This means our companions are helping to reduce over fishing, habitat destruction and by catch in our ocean ecosystems.

Medicinal fatty acids are divided into omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. In general, omega-6 fatty acids tend to promote inflammation, whereas omega-3 fatty acids act to reduce inflammation. As such, omega-3 fatty acids are used in diseases in which anti-inflammatory activity is needed. The fatty acids can substitute for medications such as corticosteroids in the treatment of inflammation. The most commonly used supplements that provide fatty acids are fish oil and flax seed oil. While flax seed oil contains more omega-3's than fish oil, the omega-3's found in flax seed oil are in an inactive form. The omega-3's found in fish oil are in an active form. In research studies, fish oil has shown positive benefits in helping people and pets with disease, whereas flax seed oil has not been as beneficial. For this reason, fish oil is generally recommended as the omega-3 fatty acid supplement of choice.

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